I'm in the process of changing jobs and I want to try to move to a different area of Chicago. I currently live on my own - with my cat, Ted - but I want to move into a nicer apartment without rent being insanely expensive. I also love getting to know new people! I won't be able to move into a new place until after June 2019
Currently living on my own and have learned that I am better with other people around. Am hope to find someone who is okay with having company over while also respecting each others space as needed. Very open to pets as well! I miss living with dogs and cats :)
I am strict lacto-vegetarian, student, and a big fan of walking around the block. In my free time I read, paint, cook, or sleep.
Currently pregnant looking for roommate that doesn t mind that I m having a kid.
I am 28 and work at a software company as an implementation consultant. I travel for work Monday-Thursday almost every week but there are weeks that I work remotely when I am working on projects but don't have to meet with clients. Typical laid back guy, also gay. Enjoy watching sports, cooking, going out with friends, love finding new spots to eat/drink/hangout, love to travel, try new things....
I am graduating college and plan on moving to Chicago for an internship and then hopefully living there after the internship as well. I am pretty clean and watch a lot of netflix and just want to find some fun roommates that are around my age as well.
I m just a guy in his mid 20 s tryin to make his way in this city working a boring job that pays the bills and do some theatre on the side!
Hello, My name is Joseph Coppus and I'm a recent chiropractic graduate. I'm looking to move to Chicago in February for my new job. Ideally I would like to be located in downtown, or at least a 30 minute CTA trip to downtown for work. I am originally from Ohio, but I am moving from Miami, FL where I spent a year. I have also spent 4 years in Atlanta, GA. I am a very clean, responsible, and matur...
I'm a recent graduate looking for a roommate and place in Chicago to coincide with a position I just accepted downtown. I'm pretty open to anything - I'm a social person, so having a space where it's okay to have people over is essentially. Moderately clean here as well.